Small but Effective Miniature hydraulic pumps achieve the greatest added value with minimal installation space

When a father drives an excavator in the yard with his son ...

Then the man's inner child celebrates the most beautiful moment: On his wheel loader, a model 14 times smaller than the original, he scales a small hill in the sandbox before the luminous eyes of his son. With millimeter precision, he comes to a standstill, glances once more up at the excavator shovel with complete confidence and empties it with a brief push of a button. A wonderful moment for father and son. What would have happened if the excavation shovel had not moved?

With SCHERZINGER miniature hydraulic pumps, one need not worry about this. The pumps ensure that the functionality of each model is in no way inferior to the actual product. And because the pumps are so small, their possible applications are all the more greater ...

Compact model for minimal space requirement

High pressure of up to 120 bar

Spezialized for the respective application

Pumpen von Scherzinger bestechen durch Qualität und ihrer hohen Zuverlässigkeit.

High operational safety

Long lifespan

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