Strong Reduction of Nitrogen Oxides in Diesel Exhaust SCR dosing system for effective emissions control

Hamburg: 38% of nitrogen oxide stems from maritime traffic

When ships such as the Queen Mary 2 sit with running diesel engines in the Hamburg port for a week, they then emit roughly as much nitrogen oxide as 1.5 million mid-range diesel cars. In total, this leads to the fact that approximately 38% of all nitrogen oxide in such cities is caused by ships in the port.

Environmental protection functions differently – that is: With SCR dosing systems from SCHERZINGER, exhaust systems can be retrofitted and reduce the amount of nitrogen oxides and fine dust particles to a small proportion.

The control ratio of 1:100 and the dynamic of the SCHERZINGER dosing systems are truly unique.
Thomas King

Effective exhaust gas purification through quick, precise injections of urea solutions

The purification of exhaust gas provides an effective contribution to environmental protection and to the improvement of life quality in cities with large ports, thereby reducing nitrogen oxide and fine dust particles. For such purposes, urea solutions, among other things, that can be injected into the diesel exhaust are used. These systems are called Selective Catalythic Reaction (SCR): With a reducing agent (e.g. Urea/AdBlue® or DEF), NOX is further treated in an exhaust gas catalytic converter which is connected downstream of the engine. DEF is first broken down with ammonia and water. Following that, the ammonia reacts with the nitrogen oxide in the exhaust gas, and NOX is decomposed into nitrogen and water.

The injection of DEF must be permanently quickly and precisely adapted to the concrete amount of exhaust gas produced – in particular, during load changes or changes in performance requirements. Reliability is also required: if the SCR systems malfunction, the ships are no longer permitted to arrive in the port.

More advantages for your SCR system:

Precise, load-regulated dosing of DEF

Reduction of nitrogen pollution by up to 95%!

Quick reaction to changes in the exhaust gas mixture

Freeze protection

Operational safe functionality


Observance of most current exhaust standards

Suitable for all types of fuel (from LNG to crude oil)

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