Exact Filling of Liquid Detergent Precise micro- and portion dosing for innovative consumer products

Laundry Day! Now it is all about fighting grass stains, food residues and oil stains

In a family household, it can get a little chaotic when the children clamor through the house or play outside and bring mud inside. Spots can quickly get on clothing as well when cooking in the kitchen or repairing the car in the garage.

Innovative liquid detergent capsules or pouches make stains of all kinds a thing of the past. SCHERZINGER pumps ensure that the colorful liquids come in portion packaging.

Sustainable washing is perhaps currently not quite the thing yet – but we are already making a valuable contribution to it.
Thomas King

Dosing pumps for a clean cardigan – in every respect

SCHERZINGER is a close partner and application consultant for the packaging industry. With our dosing pumps, you can safely fill liquid detergent components in their individual portion packagings – precisely portioned for precise washing results without over- or underdosing.

The parallelly installed gear pumps here extract the respective medium and pump it consistently to the dosing units and valves. From these, it is then precisely dosed to the appropriate compartments of the water-soluble portion packagings.

Your advantages when you rely on SCHERZINGER pumps:

Consistent and constant attainment of the predefined filling quantity

High reproducibility from pump to pump

High malfunction security or high operational safety

Very compact design

Low pressure peaks when changing the counterpressure

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