Be Certain that the Oil Will Arrive Pumps for the pipeline sampling

5,327 km – 2.5 mio. barrel/day – from Western Siberia to Germany with high pressure

The pipeline is called "drushba" (friendship) which links the Russian oil fields to the European refineries. The entire system, which has a line to Hungary as well, is also 8,900 km long. A true masterpiece of modern engineering that withstands the most extreme conditions and thereby guarantees the global oil supply.

In order for the black gold to arrive safely and in its necessary quality at its destination, the composition must be controlled at regular intervals – this occurs fully automatically in the so-called pipeline sampling and with help from SCHERZINGER pumps.

In the course of this, we help the world to be mobile.
Patricia Abelmann

High-tech pumps made in Germany – Know-how from Furtwangen that moves the world

In the bypass sampling, a pump placed in a circulation installed parallel to the pipeline continuously extracts a predefined amount of crude oil. Then the pump transports it to an analysis unit which controls the composition of the required medium. The exact, consistent conveyance of the crude oil to be analyzed under high system pressure is critical for the proper pump selection here: SCHERZINGER configures and manufactures optimally suitable pumps for the respective system and thus enables the perfect transport of the lifeblood for the global economy.

Continuous safety under high pressure

Oil fuels the engines of the world – it is used and distributed almost everywhere. It is understood that it must arrive as quickly as possible, safe and in the desired quality at the destination. SCHERZINGER pumps make a continuous monitoring of the required medium possible along the entire transport route. The advantages:

Reliable attainment of the specified extraction quantity

Resistance against various environmental influences

Consistent flow rate


Pumpen von Scherzinger bestechen durch Qualität und ihrer hohen Zuverlässigkeit.

Highest operational safety – around the clock and also in the most remote locations