Charges Faster, Arrives Better Pumps for the cooling of e-charging stations

100 km until the destination – 1.5 hours – Battery empty? No problem!

Electric cars are an important element of mobility of the future. In order for us to be able to integrate them more naturally into everyday life, it is critical that the charging times for the power tanks continue to be minimized: Currently, fast-charging stations with 270 kWh charging capacity already exist and can charge a battery to 50% in only 8 minutes. These extremely short charging times are no longer a vision of the future – cooling pumps from SCHERZINGER make it possible.

Temperature-resistant pump power

Charging stations with SCHERZINGER pump technology make it possible for an electric car to charge faster  – almost comparable to refueling a combustion engine (only without local emissions or diesel or gasoline on one's hands). These three product characteristics are vital here:

A very good level of efficiency for minimal charge loss

Extreme efficiency

including in the matter of temperature resistance

High operational safety and reliable cooling