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Girls Day 2019 – Annalena, Selina, Anika & Maria

This year we also do not want to miss the chance on Girls Day to give young girls the opportunity to get a feel for technical apprenticeships for one entire day.

What an amazing day! We had the chance to welcome four #girls to our site for Girls Day on 28.03.2019! The Girls' Future Day gives young girls the opportunity to take a look at typically male professions and to also show them how successful women already are in these professions.

We opened the doors of our gear pump world to Annalena, Maria, Selina and Anika. The work in the various departments was explained to them, and they were permitted to independently undertake a few tasks. They received a very special impression of the training at Scherzinger: They manufactured a workpiece with our vocational trainees: a gyroscope! "Manufacturing the gyroscope was the most fun!" claimed one of the girls. 

At the end, all questions about the apprenticeship and the company could be answered. The girls had an exciting day and are taking lovely memories and important experiences home with them!