Company News There is something new from the SCHERZINGER high-tech world of pumps

Side by Side with Speedy

Scherzinger advances one step further towards digital transformation and introduces a processing center with an automated processing cell in Factory B.

Specializing in large-scale production with a constantly high workload, the move towards a new processing center with an integrated robot in Factory B was necessary.

Already in 2016, Scherzinger had invested in an automated, interconnected processing center. This first robot was acquired to increase the flexibility and to produce a diverse range of variants in small batches based on customer requirements practically overnight. The current investment, however, was made to release the burden on the production employees.

The new robot assumes the routine work of changing workpieces. As this concerns a repetitive, monotonous task, the performance is ideal for a robot whereas, through the load relief, the employees can concentrate on significantly more complex production steps.

Through the specialization in a manageable number of work sequences, Speedy, as the new robot has aptly been dubbed, is also considerably faster at processing customer orders. At the same time, Speedy is able to independently perform simple make-ready processes so that the standstill intervals between the orders can be reduced. “We have already experienced the advantages of a robot in Factory A and are now extremely pleased that we will likewise benefit from such an untiring employee in the future," states Heiko Kuschmann, Production Manager of Factory B. "It is important to us that we are able to fulfill the customer requests in a timely manner and with high level of quality – even in large quantities," continues Mr. Kuschmann.

Various sensors and monitoring systems enable us to remotely check Speedy’s performance. For this reason, the course continues to be set for moving towards digital, interconnected industrial production – be prepared for what’s next at Scherzinger!