Individually Adjustable Vane-Type Pumps Oil lubrication variably integrated to the combustion engine

SCHERZINGER vane-type pumps are our solution for an optimally supplied combustion engine. In each speed and temperature range, the engine requires, above all, one thing: the accurate amount of oil must be adapted to the current oil and pressure requirements. The function principle of vane-types pumps ensures precisely this. The position of an excenter-ring in the pump casing changes either translatory or rotatory – and thereby sets the displacement volume of the pump.

How this process is initiated is then adaptable to the individual requirements of our customers. If, for example, a simple method via the pressure control of the engine suffices or if a more precise pump control via a switch value is the right choice. For maximum control, SCHERZINGER pumps can also be networked through the pressure sensors with the engine control unit.

Advantages of vane-type pumps at a glance:

Optimal oil supply in the engine

Individual system integration


Produced for application such as: