Modular systems Get your individual solution for dosing systems with SCHERZINGER.

Conveying systems for UREA up to 60l/h

Intelligent dosing for small quantities. The SDU 2876 series consists of three base modules with different extension levels: Basic, Mono and Twin. Their common features are the 24 V BLDC motor, a pumping capacity up to 60 l/h and the plug & play component. A rotation switch to rinsing or draining the conduits and a rotation speed feedback are standard. They are also very easy to integrate on account of its compact construction. This way you are always optimally equipped for your dosing needs with this system.

SDU 2876 Basic
Repeatability+- 2,5%
Dosing accuracy+- 35% vom E.W.
Max. Conveyed amount60 l/h
Max. Differential pressure7 bar
TriggeringCAN / 4..20 mA
Integrated pressure sensorno
Integrated temperature sensorno
Bypass for optimal intakeno
Repeatability+- 1,5%
Dosing accuracy+- 20% vom E.W.
Max. Conveyed amount55 l/h
Max. Differential pressure8 bar
TriggeringCAN / 4..20 mA
Integrated pressure sensoryes
Integrated temperature sensoryes
Bypass for optimal intakeyes
Repeatability+- 0,5%
Dosing accuracy+- 1% vom E.W.
Max. Conveyed amount50 l/h
Max. Differential pressure9 bar
TriggeringCAN / 4..20 mA
Integrated pressure sensoryes
Integrated temperature sensoryes
Bypass for optimal intakeyes
SDU 2876 BasicMonoTwin
Repeatability+- 2,5%+- 1,5%+- 0,5%
Dosing accuracy+- 35% vom E.W.+- 20% vom E.W.+- 1% vom E.W.
Max. Conveyed amount60 l/h55 l/h50 l/h
Max. Differential pressure7 bar8 bar9 bar
TriggeringCAN / 4..20 mACAN / 4..20 mACAN / 4..20 mA
Integrated pressure sensornoyesyes
Integrated temperature sensornoyesyes
Bypass for optimal intakenoyesyes

Conveying systems for UREA up to 2,000l/h

With a wide range of configuration variants, you can adapt this system perfectly to your requirements. An additional flow range can be covered with the range of three pump sizes. The modular principle gives you the options of redundance, pressure increase or expansion of the flow. As a SCHERZINGER pump unit, you can easily connect the conveying system to your control system. The SCHERZINGER dosing unit also offers an intelligent control system. In addition, 2-substance systems can be optimally operated with the optionally available air module.

With mechanical ball valve

  • cartridge filter housings of 1,4301
  • length 10"
  • with filter insert 10", 10μm, β=70
  • with drainage function

Optional with

  • urea quality sensor
  • switchable bypass for filter change in operation
  • 2 pressure transmitters for filter monitoring
  • with BLDC motor 24V, alternatively with three-phase drive
  • control via CAN J1939
  • stepless adjustable rotation speed
  • flow rate unpressurized depending on type of pump, design and quantity of 20 .. 2,000 l/h
  • conduit on suction side 18mm, ID 15mm
  • conduit on pressure side 12mm, ID 10mm

For selection:

  • flow sensors
  • pressure sensors
  • temperature sensors
  • ball valve and check valve
  • mechanical ball valve with butterfly handle
  • for backflow prevention in case of pump standstill
  • spring-loaded valve

Supplement for UREA dosing module, with the following options:

  • air filter unit and condensate separator
  • pressure regulator
  • current sensor
  • pressure transmitter
  • shut-off ball valves
  • solenoid valve for air
  • IP 55
  • lacquered steel

PLC calculation module with interface modules for, e.g.:

  • solenoid valves
  • pump
  • liquid pressure sensors
  • UREA quality sensor
  • temperature sensors
  • flow sensor
  • air pressure sensors

Equipped with:

  • main switch
  • emergency shut-off
  • LED displays
  • Made of stainless steel, welded
  • available in two different sizes
  • various mounting options
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